Our Story

Belonging From the Inside Out is the product of three women who have lived, eaten, prayed and loved in different countries. Their combined experiences throughout their personal and professional lives have given them a rich exposure to different cultures, contexts and realities.

Monique Longhurst, Wesa Chau and Margot Thomas have experienced the hurdles of trying to fit in, occasionally compromising who they really were to feel accepted. In their separate journeys, they were all given the opportunity to dive within and learn about their personal strengths, weakness, trigger points, default behaviours, development opportunities and their personal impact on others. This exploration and growth in self-awareness and development of their personal leadership, has enabled them to be more resilient and impactful leaders in their families, organisations and communities.

In their careers, Monique, Wesa and Margot have had opportunities to contribute to the diversity and inclusion agenda in their organisations and communities. Over these years they have observed a greater focus given to the external environment and now see an opportunity to complement this with a focus on the internal journey, the development of individuals as they seek to impact and thrive within multicultural contexts.

Belonging From the Inside Out seeks to contribute to the increasing efforts towards a more contemporary approach to the Multiculturalism agenda in Australia. As a group we are passionate about the potential impact that personal leadership development can have on individual’s movement towards belonging and its flow-on effect in creating a more inclusive Australian society.

“Multiculturalism brings together people from different countries, circumstances and backgrounds, and the measure of its success is how well we accept one another” ~ Helen Kapalos, Chair Victorian Multicultural Commission